Travel Scarves for Men

As a guy I see a lot of posts on scarves for women. And yes women wear a lot of scarves but what about mens scarves? As a man I love scarves because they are versatile and can really bring a look together.

I’ve written a previous post 2 years ago on mens scarves so I wanted to update on it and inform you of a current project I’m working on. But first I want to talk about mens travel scarves with links on different styles, and designs to consider.

There is variety when choosing a scarf to complete any look. There are scarves great for winter and summer destinations. Scarves that are great for concealing things and scarves that are great for just the design itself. My suggestion when choosing a scarf is:

  • Think about if it will go with any of your outfits. Transition scarves that are different designs or colors are pretty useful when traveling.
  • How durable will this scarf be?
  • Is this scarf easy to travel with?

Also price plays a factor but I rarely spend over a $100 on a scarf. Wool scarves are going to cost more, especially if they are handmade, but I own a few and they are worth every penny.

I’m going to list some categories of scarves and some of the best designs now to help men get an idea of what they should be looking for. I’ll try to find scarves that are unique but also handsomely stylish.

Double-Sided / Reversible Scarves

The great thing about double-sided scarves is that they are like two scarves in one. I’ve seen designs that have a brown pattern on one side and then have a black pattern on the other. They’re great for travel because they’re versatile and it’s possible to use the same scarf with multiple outfits. I have one example below but you can find many varieties of these scarves.

Ralph Lauren Reversible Scarf

Ralph Lauren Scarf

Snood / Neck Scarves

These scarves are actually great for traveling men since they are small, have no frills and easy to use. Snoods are usually labeled more for winter while neck scarves are more bandana-like and usually lighter in material. Snoods are used to keep you warm while neck scarves can keep you cool and you skin covered from the sun. I have two examples below.

Bickley and Mitchell Snood Scarf

Bickley and Mitchell Snood

Etsy Snood Scarf

Etsy Snood

Neck Bandana Scarf

Classic Bandana

Summer Scarves

They are light in material to help block the sun, keep dust out and help keep you cool. There are many types of these scarves including infinity, shemagh, square and normal scarves. I have different types of summer scarves below.

Shemagh Scarf

Shemagh scarf

Alexander McQueen Bandana

Alexander McQueen Scarf

Linen Etsy Scarf

Linen Etsy Scarf

Winter Scarves

These are usually more chunky but essential if you’re traveling to winter destinations. My favorite type of winter scarves are huge wool wraps that block the cold wind from entering your chest area. I have classic winter scarves looks below.

Nordstroms Cashmere Scarf

Nordstroms Cashmere Scarf

Wool Chunky Etsy Scarf

Wool Chunky Etsy Scarf

ASOS Blanket Scarf

ASOS Blanket Scarf

Winter Infinity Etsy Scarf

Winter Infinity Etsy Scarf

Travel Friendly Scarves

These are hand-picked scarves that are travel friendly. When I travel I’m looking for something that is functional,well designed, comfortable to wear and is durable. I have two unique scarf designs below.

Infinity Concealer Scarf

Infinity Concealer Scarf

Camera Strap Scarf

Camera Strap Scarf

Scarves by Me

After much thought, I want to make scarves and sell them. So my next venture, along with my husband, is to learn how to hand make them, and set up a website to sell them. The goal is to make TRAVEL FRIENDLY scarves that match the follow criteria:

  • Easy to wear
  • Go with multiple outfits
  • Easy to travel with
  • Stylish and unique in design
  • For both sexes
  • Scarves for different seasons or one that can work for all

I’m sure as a get more into this project I will be changing some of that criteria by most likely adding on to that list. I’m going to take inspiration from designs I’ve seen and make it functional for travel. Scarves are great because they offer stylish protection from all types of conditions and have a great easy travel flow about them. More on this project in the future!

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