Most Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting

As a big wino myself, in this post I wanted to look at the most scenic vineyards for wine tasting. A place where people can sit back and enjoy dramatic scenery while getting buzzed. Some of these vineyards even offer hotel rooms so people can stay on the vineyard, eat some local food and uncork a beautiful bottle of wine. All of these vineyards are well-known and all have made lists for their quality of vineyards and services.

1. Cavas Wine Lodge, Mendoza, Argentina

Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting - Cavas Wine Lodge Mendoza Argentina

Located just 30 minutes south of Mendoza, the Cavas Wine Lodge has 55 acres of land and lies between the Andes and other wineries. This is a luxury lodge but some of the benefits include all rooms facing towards the Andes, private outdoor showers, private decks, and private plunge pools. A perfect place for wine tasting; website here.

2. Loisium Wine & Spa Resort, Langenlois, Austria

Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting - Loisium Wine Resort Langenlois Austria

For the futuristic wine drinkers, this wine and spa resort lies in Austria’s most productive wine region. The resort has several package deals for events like honeymooning, New Years parties, or a chance to get away and relax. The area is surrounded by charming Austrian towns and rolling hills making it one of the most scenic places for wine tasting. Website here.

3. Fallet Dart Champagne, Charly sur Marne, France

Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting - Fallet Dart Champagne, Charly sur Marne, France

This vineyard is located in the Champagne region of France, which is just northeast between Reims and Paris. There is no resort here but this region is known for its rolling hills and many picturesque vineyards. Fallet Dart offers wine tasting tours if you call in advance! I recommend getting a car and touring the entire Champagne region. Website here.

4. Castello di Amorosa, Napa Valley, USA

Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting - Castello di Amorosa Napa Valley USA

Napa Valley is obviously the go to spot for people who love wine tasting but it happens to be also one of the most scenic in the world. Castello di Amorosa is a 13th century style Tuscan styled castle that offers tours around the vineyard and of course wine tasting at a reasonable price. Food and cheeses are also available to taste with your wine. Website here.

5. Villa Tiboldi, Canale, Italy

Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting - Villa Tiboldi, Canale, Italy

Located in the famous Piedmonte region of Italy, Villa Tiboldi is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Italian countryside with a nice bottle of wine. The estate only comes with 10 rooms, a swimming pool, a garden, and terraces to seat; completely renovated in early 2000’s from it’s dilapidated state. A perfect setting to getaway and enjoy Italian food and wine. Website here.

6. Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa, Victoria, Australia

Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting - Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort  Spa Victoria Australia

Located just east of Melbourne, the Balgownie Vineyard is in the heart of Australia’s Yarra Valley. It is also known as one of the most scenic in Australia and Balgownie offers 69 suites that all overlook the most scenic part of the valley. The area is remote offering quiet and there is on site activities like tennis courts, dining and a spa. Website here.

7. Cims de Porrera Vineyards, Catalonia, Spain

Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting - Cims de Porrera Vineyards, Catalonia, Spain

Blessed with beautiful a mountainside landscape Porrera Vineyards is a village in the beautiful Tarragona province in Catalonia region. There is one bed and breakfast nearby called Cal Porrera that can set you up with a tour or their or tours offered to this vineyard and others around the area. Website here.

8. Lavaux Vineyards, Switzerland

Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting - Lavaux Vineyards Switzerland

Switzerland is not a typical country that someone would associate with wine but there are parts of the country that have vineyards including the ultra scenic Lavaux Vineyard. Located near the Montreux, the area covers 800 hectares and is protected as a UNESCO world heritage site. One could hike or take the Lavaux Express to enjoy sweeping views of mountains while wine tasting. Website here.

9. Chelan Estate Vineyards, Washington, USA

Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting - Chelan Estate Vineyards Washington USA

The west coast is a perfect place to grow vineyards and Lake Chelan Wine Valley hosts around 20 vineyards. The Chelan Vineyards is located in a more remote part of Washington on steep cliffs and offers stunning views of the lake below as well as the distant mountains. The drive to Lake Chelan is only 3 hours from Seattle and 2 hours from Spokane and there are hotels to stay in nearby. Website here.

10. Quinta do Tedo, Douro Valley, Portugal

Scenic Vineyards for Wine Tasting - Quinta do Tedo, Douro Valley, Portugal

Lake Spain, Portugal is very mountainous and a sunny European country, making it a great place to grow unique types of wine. Quinta do Tedo is an 18th century Estate in the scenic Alto Duoro valley and offers tours in advance for up to 80 people. The landscape is dramatic and the area is quiet making it the perfect place for wine tasting. Website here.




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