Manly Scarves for Travel | 2015-2016

I am a scarf fanatic and it all started while living in France for 5 months. When I came back to the States I started buying many different types of scarves and I feel it can really up a mans style when traveling. The truth is that many men don’t wear scarves out of fear that it looks too feminine but I’m going to showcase some great options, patterns and styles. After all, it’s the beginning of scarf season and if you plan on traveling to some cold places, scroll down!

I’m choosing some of my current favorite styles and patterns for this season. If you don’t like the colors I’ve chosen, there is usually a different color in the same design. That also goes for patterns. For men scarves are more about a subtle touch of color, comfort and design to a winter outfit. Many of the classic designs are timeless and apply always. I’m choosing scarves ranging from low to high in price but most in the mid range, which is $0 – $100. I rarely, if ever, have spent over that for a scarf.

Twenton Houndstooth Scarf

Ted Baker

This scarf is found at Nordstroms or at a Ted Baker store, who is the designer. The reason I love this scarf is the design and the fact that it transitions from light to dark, depending on which side you use. I like the grey color more than the green that it also comes in because grey is perfect to layer with dark winter clothing. This is a good masculine design that any guy could pair with a casual to dressy look, no matter where you travel.

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Manly Scarves for Travel - Twenton Houndstooth Scarf Ted Baker

Cable Knit Drawstring Snood

Bickley + Mitchell

Snoods are popular but many men simply don’t consider them in their wardrobe. This particular snood scarf has great texture and it would upscale your look with any jacket or pea-coat. Also snoods are easy to put on and wear; simply just slip it over your head. This scarf comes with some draw strings for that extra casual flair and comes in black, greys and a blue. This scarf would be easy to pack on travels and pretty much could be worn with most outfit.

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Manly Scarves for Travel - Cable Knit Drawstring Snood

Beige Wool Scarf


I have to say that I own a lot of H&M scarves. They are on the cheap end but they are often stylish and very smart-looking, which is a bigger deal for me. This scarf is on the high-end for an H&M scarf but I choose it because of the color and how striking it would be on a coat. It would give your style an upscale feel and could be worn with most fall/winter looks. H&M has many other scarves, and are great for traveling since you won’t necessarily care if they get damaged or dirty.

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Manly Scarves for Travel - Beige Wool Scarf HM

Grey Wool Scarf


Zara always seems on point with their scarves and I can’t help but to go check out what patterns and designs they have. This year they have some really good-looking manly travel scarves so it was hard to choose one; so I choose two. First I love this Grey Wool Scarf, which is 100% wool, and only costs $40. To me this scarf is perfect scarf with two tones of grey and of course would go great with all types of winter jackets.

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Manly Scarves for Travel - Grey Wool Scarf Zara

Herringbone Scarf


My second Zara scarf I choose is a thin blue Herringbone Scarf. I feel this scarf is a very up-scale masculine look and a blue scarf is a good color for any scarf collection. I like this scarf because I think with the right clothing it could be worn in fall, winter or spring. It’s thin so it could be worn with thin jackets and is at very good price. This would look great if you want a light scarf for a night on the town wherever you may be.

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Manly Scarves for Travel - Herringbone Scarf Zara

Solid Cashmere Scarves

Club Room

Okay these can be found at Macy’s but frankly you could find a cashmere scarf at many stores. I have some cashmere scarves and some from Macy’s. These are good quality plus they are solid in color. If you want a simple solid block color underneath your jacket and want to be really warm around your neck, these scarves are a great go-to wherever you plan to travel.

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Manly Scarves for Travel - Solid Cashmere Scarves Club Room

U.S.A. Men’s Flag Print Scarf

John Varvatos

This scarf comes in a grayish tint and for under $100, it is a beautiful scarf. There is a U.S.A. flag printed on the scarf that is subtle. I love this scarf because of its design and the fact that it looks so sleek. You could wear this scarf for a going-out at night look or pack and wear it at the airport. It is a versatile scarf and would look great over most jackets.

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Manly Scarves for Travel - U.S.A. Men's Flag Print Scarf John Varvatos

Cashmere Plaid Scarf


I think this scarf design is so well-known that men either love it or hate it. I happen to love the plaid because it goes great in fall/winter and is classically handsome design. A traveler could wear this scarf and automatically feel more upscale and I think that’s what a great scarf has the power to do. These scarves are not cheap but they are great quality and I don’t think any man has regretted buying one.

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Manly Scarves for Travel - Cashmere Plaid Scarf Burberry

Extra Long Wooly Scarf


I have one of these scarves from H&M but honestly I don’t see these type of scarves that often. But if you’re traveling to really cold places, an extra long wooly scarf is pretty essential and stylish. I have found some manly, wooly scarves on Etsy that are homemade, and although a little expensive, would make a really great gift for yourself. Wool is great for very cold destinations.

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Manly Scarves for Travel - Handmade wool scarf from France

Shemagh Head Neck Scarf

Tapp Collections

I found these scarves online and I think they would add great style to a jacket or pea-coat. Shemaghs are great because they are easier to wear, cover your neck, and add easy style that is casual. I have a couple of these and it’s essential to wrap/fold these scarves to pull off the look. These are priced very well, come in many different colors, are Amazon prime and get great reviews.

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Manly Scarves for Travel - Manly Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf Tapp Collections




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