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Exploring Martinique through maps and graphics to better visually understand this Caribbean island.

I make beautiful maps, all from scratch, to visually understand the terrain, location, flight arrivals, activities, roads to give potential travelers visual guides.

Interactive Map of Martinique

Location of Martinique

About 25 miles south of the island of Dominica and 20 miles north of the island of St. Lucia

Located as part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. The island does belong to France and is part of the European Union.

What to Do in Martinique

Below I have mapped up the top things to do in Matinique. As you can tell from the first map, Martinique is pretty mountainous and hilly and one of the many activities that is possible is hiking. You can even hike Mont Pelée, the volcano that destroyed the old capital city of Saint-Pierre in 1902.

The northern end of Martinique or anywhere above Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique, is more remote and mountainous. Most tourists hang in the small cities and bays around the beaches that dot the western and southern coasts.

There are two nature preserves worth mentioning; Presqu’Île de la Caravelle and Savane des Pétrifications.

I have also marked out the airport for reference in orange near the middle of the map.

Geography of Martinique

Major Routes to Martinique

Below is the map of major flight to Martinique. Most of these flights are seasonal and the only routes that look permanent are from Paris, Miami, and Montréal.

If you’re looking to book a ticket to Martinique, I recommend trying Google Flight Matrix, Kayak, and directly through the airlines that fly to Martinique.

*These routes could change over time

Satellite View of Martinique

As you can see, the island is tropical and green. From north to south, Martinique is only about 40 miles in length and averages about 15 miles wide. I have embedded a satellite map with the roads labeled. Feel free to turn off the labels at the top of the map under ‘satellite.’

Simple Map of Roads in Martinique

Out of all the Caribbean Islands, Martinique ranks near the top for great road systems. The island, as shown below, is easily accessible using the main roads. Scroll around to pan the roads throughout the island. The biggest cluster of roads is in the capital, Fort-de-France. Here is a fast visual of the road systems of Martinique.

Interactive Road Map of Martinique

Downtown Fort-de-France, Martinique

Black Roads of Fort-de-France Martinique

1851 Map of Martinique

As you can see the island hasn’t changed too much geographically, even from 1851. The only difference would be the city of Saint-Pierre, which is located on the left, upper and western side of Mont Pelée. Fort-Royal is where Fort-de-France is currently. Based on this map the island was rather secluded and had a low population compared to today.

Martinique - 1851 Map of Martinique