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A place to appreciate and understand maps as well as learn about countries, their borders, and their geography.

Personally I’m a visual personal and I love maps. And as a traveler I wanted to combine my passion for of maps with my love a travel and share the knowledge I gained when completing these maps. Voyageography is born. Also I wanted to have a place to showcase my love of maps and the maps I created.

Below you will find all of the countries, cities, territories and regions completed. I make each with care and continue adding on to them. This is meant to be as a fun project!



What is Longitude?

Longitude is a geographic coordinate that defines the east-west position of a point on the Earth’s surface. In simpler terms, it’s the lines that go north to south, and all lines cross at the north and south poles. Longitude in pair with latitude defines one unique position given as coordinates. ...

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The Furthest Land from Chicago

This post is part of my new series, Voyageography, where I look at interesting geography facts and investigate them further. Today I became curious; if I wanted to travel today to the most distant land possible, where that be and how do I get there? I live in Chicago, Illinois, ...

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The Challenges of Bhutan

Bhutan only recently opened its borders to the rest of the world and it still only attracts a few die-hard travelers. In this post I wanted to touch on the reasons why Bhutan is a challenge to get into, travel around and in general tour. This country has many challenges ...

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