Travel the Latitudes and Longitudes Project

For the past 4 months or so I have slowly worked on this page devoted to latitude and longitude. Why? I wanted a page about subjects I care for; geography and travel. A page to share where people can visualize the geography of the world and to learn what’s actually there. And by doing this project it helps me understand as well. So in this post I wanted to share my ‘Travel the Latitude and Longitude’ series.

This ‘Travel the Latitude and Longitude‘ series is under the page Voyageography. My first page for this series was rightfully on the prime meridian, where longitude really begins. I wanted to start here since this made sense logically and this an easy first post as the prime meridian only covers 9 countries.

Prime Meridian Map

A screenshot of the map used for the prime meridian

In this page I have outlined all the regions, countries, cities and bodies of water that the prime meridian touches. From -.5 to .5 degrees is also covered. Throughout the page I have covered all the territory that the prime meridian touches starting from the Arctic Ocean, then through Europe, then through Africa, then through the Atlantic Ocean and then Antarctica. I’ve incorporated maps into the page for easy viewing and for people to really interact with my page. Feel free to click on the links to Google Maps to get an even more interactive experience. This actually made me appreciated geography even more by incorporating these maps.

France screenshot from Travel the Prime Meridian

A screenshot from ‘Travel the Prime Meridian’ page

I have listed potential places to travel to for when people would like ideas on where to go. I’ve also the potential problems one could face in traveling the area and have recommended whether it’s safe to travel to or not. I hope you enjoy this new page and come back when I release more. Currently I’m working on the 180th longitudinal degree. I’m going to do a system where I switch from one part of the world to the exact opposite. That way when I keep posting it keeps it interesting.




images by: shawnvoyage, google maps

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