Travel at the Highest Level

What does Traveling at the Highest Level mean?

I believe the only way to travel is to be at your highest level. To be at your highest you need to educate yourself, challenge the status-quo and question your surroundings. This website is about traveling without fear, expanding peoples mind and consciousness, never accepting mediocrity, finding truth through travel, and to ultimately bring people a higher level.

Never Accepting Mediocrity

Never accept mediocrity! It’s an all or nothing attitude approach to traveling. Mediocrity is rampant in most people’s lives and some constantly love to live in mediocrity. Personally I’m always looking to know more. I’m looking to expand my mind and to un-break my earlier repetitive thinking. The want to do better. Thinking in new ways is important to your overall growth, well-being and will help you do wonders when traveling.

When I’m traveling I experience places on a higher level. I stay in the present. Life seems more vibrant, vivid, and more exciting. I’m not looking for the typical traveling experience. I don’t always want travel to be easy and I don’t always expect to feel comfortable. I want to devote myself wherever I am and I want to learn all there is to know. I hope my readers feel the same. I’ve always considered myself as a non judgmental type of traveler and I’m willing to face or accept whatever comes my way.

What Fear?

Many people fear what they don’t know. What they don’t understand. It’s probably why our world is the way it is. Societies fear other cultures with different beliefs. Fear the horrible future that never actually comes. They fear ideas that don’t actually exists. Do you see my point? Are you one of these people? Do you fear traveling? Do you fear the unknown?

One of the best ways to become a better person is to face the unknown. To take fear head on and realize that fear is all in your head. You’re the one holding yourself back. You’re the one who will ultimately decide if you can let go of fear or if it will persist in your life. My advice is to let go. There is no need to fear this big world and traveling is only as scary as you let it be. In fact the more often you travel the less life scares you. The less likely hood that you will be dramatic or stay in fear. By letting go of any fear you are free to travel at a higher level.

Expanding the Mind

One of the goals of ShawnVoyage is to expand minds. Personally I crave to know more. I crave to know conventional wisdom as well as unconventional and I crave to know ideas I would have never known if I hadn’t traveled. And sometimes I end up learning unexpected lessons from my travels. I learn to think in new ways and better ways. I learn to better my life and myself.

Travel has changed my fate forever. It changed how I thought about the world and my place in it. It changed my views on the people who populate it. Could it do the same for you? Would you like to learn how to travel more? Wherever I travel I try to let go of any previous thinking and only observe. I strive to understand what is happening and why.

We should never accept conventional wisdom if we really feel the conventional wisdom is wrong. How will you know it’s wrong? By traveling more you start to understand what is bullshit and what is reality. You will make mistakes along the way but that’s okay. People are there to help out.

I also want to teach unconventional travel methods in a conventional world. Travelers seem to think that they must pay the full price on hotels, food, etc… But is this reality? On the contrary, it’s possible to cut your travel expenses while still having the same quality travel experience. It only takes the knowledge to do so and the right amount of persistence and research. I find joy with new ways to travel and I like to experiment. Inevitably we all will make some mistakes on our travels but I want to cut those mistakes down for you. This leaves more time to focus on traveling.

Editing Life

One of the main reasons why people can’t travel at their best is that they don’t edit any part of their lives. People don’t strip away the things that really don’t matter. Once you can strip down your life you only focus on what matters to you and all of your focus is devoted to whatever that is!

Traveling is no different. For example… When I’m at the airport I see people with way too much luggage. Too many items brings down my traveling experience. You stress over trying to find an item in your bag and you constantly have to keep an eye on something getting lost. Your mind is cluttered with the mental part of keeping up with your material things as well as you’re physically lugging baggage everywhere you go. It leads to a terrible traveling experience.

But what about editing your mind? Could you travel better if you think differently or found new ways to travel? Yes and this is what I aim to prove through this website.

Is there something holding you back from traveling? Many people make excuses that travel is just not doable but fail to realize that by editing your life it’s possible to travel more. I experience what I feel I would like and I actively engage in it. When I’m traveling I’m only focused on whats in front of me.

Travel at the Highest Level

Letting yourself not be at your greatest self may be the biggest mistake of your entire existence. Life is short, and remembering that will help you along on your own travels.

I might not be around tomorrow or next week or years from now so I have to take advantage of the lucky chance I have already received. I’m am able to follow my true passion, which is travel; and the only way I want to travel is at my highest level. My goal is to leave a legacy behind that helps to serve others while still following my dreams.

Ultimately I’m an observer in this world and I continue to teach, learn, and serve others with a passion I’m really great at. For you travel can help access greatness in your own life and it’s why ShawnVoyage exist. You will discover that travel is wonderful, mind altering, inexpensive, and will ultimately change you in ways you couldn’t imagine. Follow me through my writings and other projects to learn more about my travels and how you can start traveling the world at the highest level!




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