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ShawnVoyage’s Best Pictures of 2013

I traveled a decent amount this year and thanks to a new camera I took some awesome pictures. So for my last post of 2013,  I wanted to show what I feel are my best pictures of 2013. I looked back through all of my travels and picked out the top 25. Click on the picture for a bigger view of the pic on Flickr!



Chicago Metro after Takeoff

BP0 2013 Chicago Metro after Takeoff

I snapped this photo after taking off from O’hare. It was a cold day in February and snow is on the ground as well as a haze. The whole Chicago metroplex can be seen.


Gold Rock Beach, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas

BPO 2013 Gold Rock Beach Grand Bahama The Bahamas

Taken in the morning when nobody was at the beach. Gold Rock Beach had a huge tidal range!


Gold Rock Beach at Low Tide

BPO 2013 Gold Rock Beach at Low Tide

The day was perfect and the beach was receding. I love the bird in this photo. Another beautiful day in the Caribbean.


Cloudy Grand Bahama

BPO 2013 Cloudy Grand Bahama

The last day of my trip to Freeport, Grand Bahama. The clouds were so eerie and there was nobody in the sea.


The Skyline of Chicago from the Hancock Center

BPO 2013 The Skyline of Chicago from Hancock Center

This is the view when you have drinks from the Hancock Center. It’s a unique view.


A Park in Sarnia, Ontario

BPO 2013 A park in Sarnia Ontario

I drove from Chicago to Ontario and crossed the border for a day. Suddenly the sun came out and so I snapped this.


Vancouver Harbor on a Sunny July Day

BPO 2013 Vancouver Harbor on a Sunny July Day

I went to Vancouver, Canada in July and snapped this photo on my first day there. Vancouver is by far one of the best cities in North America.


Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada

BPO 2013 Stanley Park Vancouver Canada

The sun setting on my first day in Vancouver. Roman and I walked around Stanley Park until the sun went down and really enjoyed how large and pristine the park was.


Whistler Mountain during the Summer

BPO 2013 Whistler Mountain during the Summer

I took a gondola ride up from Downtown Whistler and this is one of the views from near the top. Love the contrast from snow at the top of the mountains to the dark trees below.


Chairlift to the top of Whistler Mountain

BPO 2013 Chairlift to the top of Whistler Mountain

It’s strange to come from a warm valley to the top of this mountain where it was freezing cold and windy! And the ride was intense. Look at these boulders!


Gondola Ride to Blackcomb Peak

BPO 2013 Gondola Ride to Blackcomb Peak

Snapped this shot while taking the Peak 2 Peak gondola ride to Blackcomb Peak. I’m kind of obsessed with mountains and I love the contrast and beauty of these mountains.


Beautiful Landscape near Ketchikan, Alaska

BPO 2013 Beautiful Landscape near Ketchikan Alaska

Blue with a streak of an airplane crossing the sky. Even in seclusion it’s hard to escape the modern world.


Berries in Juneau, Alaska

BPO 2013 Berries in Juneau Alaska

The summers are short in Alaska but when plants grow they grow with beautiful colors. Everything was so vivid. Berries are very common in southern Alaska.


A Hazy Yukon with a Still Lake

BPO 2013 A Hazy Yukon with a Still Lake

Drove to Yukon from Skagway and came across a still lake with a perfect clear reflection. There was a fire to the north that caused the area to be hazy giving this beautiful picture!


Old Trail during the Gold Rush Era

BPO 2013 Old Trail during the Gold Rush Era

This railroad track marks the old trail that prospectors use to use to climb from Skagway to Carcross, Yukon. I could never imagine climbing through the snow they had to climb through or carrying the required weight they had to bring for survival in the winter.


Tutshi Lake, British Columbia, Canada

BPO 2013 Tutshi Lake British Columbia Canada

This was taken on a drive from Skagway to Tutshi Lake in extreme northern British Columbia (close to the Yukon). This picture was taken on a really hazy day and I love the purples, greens and blues in this photo. Simply breathtaking!


Mountains carved by glaciers near Glacier Bay, Alaska

BPO 2013 Mountains carved by glaciers near Glacier Bay Alaska

This was the scene as our cruise ship was passing through to see a glacier. The water is green and the sky is blue with such vivid landscape. Love it.


Passing a cruise ship in Glacier Bay

BPO 2013 Passing a cruise ship in Glacier Bay

Earlier that morning everything was grey but the afternoon cleared up nicely and this was the view. Little chunks of icebergs with clouds building up on the mountains. Because I was so far north the tree line doesn’t go that far up the mountain.


Ice Falling on Margerie Glacier

BPO 2013 Ice Falling on Margerie Glacier

While cruising in Glacier Bay our cruise ship pulled up to Margerie Glacier and I saw ice falling. The glaciers are huge and the sound of ice falling is really loud.


Cruising in Icy Strait, Alaska

BPO 2013 Cruising in Icy Strait Alaska

I snapped this photo when leaving Glacier Bay heading towards the Pacific Ocean. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, clear day with an amazing landscape.


An American Airlines flight over Washington

BPO 2013 An American Airlines flight over Washington

Flying from Seattle to Chicago I snapped a photo while flying over Washington and got Mt. St. Helens in the picture.


A Country Road near Driftwood, Texas

BPO 2013 A Country Road near Driftwood Texas

One thing I love about traveling through Texas is the beautiful country roads. Out in the farm lands on warm sunny days it’s nice to take road-trips through windy back country roads.


Drinking in the Texas Wine Country

BPO 2013 Drinking in the Texas Wine Country

Stopped to have some wine in the Texas Wine Country near Austin, Texas. That day was so warm, the wine was really good and the view was so relaxing. Everybody should have one of these days.


Fall on Wellington Ave, Chicago


I live in Chicago and my street is beautiful during fall. I snapped this photo when I went around my neighborhood taking pictures of the colors and leaves.


Winter on Wellington Avenue, Chicago

BPO 2013 Winter on Wellington Avenue Chicago

It’s officially winter time in Chicago and this was the scene on my street a couple of weeks ago. The snow is beautiful!


The Traveling Team

Roman and I in the cube



Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!  You will be hearing me next year because I’m going to Québec for the rest of December! Next post is January 7th!




images by: shawnvoyage

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Shawn is a native Texan now living in Chicago. His passions include traveling the world, maps, geography. planes, foreign languages, history, mimosas, wine, beer, moscow mules, documentaries, eating healthy, boots, good style, staying fit and being openly gay. He has been to 45 countries including 6 months in France to learn French. Above all he enjoys traveling the world.