The Product Challenge

One of my new goals for the new part of this website was to actually create something. Like a product or a business. This is hard though because the first question that I’m always asked by myself is what? What should I create?

I had a few product ideas like selling bags and I also launched a new website to offer more information on all-inclusive resorts on the island of Turks and Caicos. These take time to figure out though and I’m not sure I’ve grasped enough on how to successfully run a business. So I’ll keep learning and pushing towards that goal.

That’s why I’m also planning to write more, whether they are just short posts or long posts. The point is to write out ideas and actually get to the tasks at hand, no matter how much fear I have with going through with it. This website has been stale for a long time and I need to kick myself to continue.

This part of the website will act like a “ThinkTank.” A way to get out my ideas in an informal way. Get a sense of it looks on paper or the screen. If you see some changes it will most likely be from integrating sections of this website together and letting go some others. I have already let go of the old blog although it does bring in the most views currently. I’ve also stopped producing any new “What to Wear in” in posts. I’m not sure if this will be the end of that but I’m really not in the business of dressing individual people. I just like to write about clothing and the differences I see across the world.

So my new idea is to produce something. A product, app, anything. Whether that is drop shipping or just selling through my website. I would like to invest or make a great product that I can physically sale. I think I’m going to looking how this process works and make more decisions from there. Perhaps I should read more from Smart Passive Income? That guy makes incredible amounts of money.

For now the devil is in doing work. You really do have to do work everyday, no matter how much you really don’t want to. Go figure!

image by: lucas

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