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For every airline that I book with I always find something interesting and unique. For instance last year I went to Nepal and China and I was using the carriers Finnair and JAL. So I was trying to finalize my airline seats on Finnair and JAL because I always want a window seat! Since I was using my American Airlines miles I wanted to see if I could change my airline seats through American Airlines or would I have to go to the Finnair and JAL website. Well I looked on American Airlines website to figure it out and I didn’t have any options to change or finalize my airline seats.

So I called American Airlines and asked how I could book my airline seats on Finnair and JAL flights. (btw it’s always a good idea to finalize your airline seats before you show up at the airport so you know exactly where you are sitting). Sites like will tell you where you’re seat will be in the plane and the level of comfort.. Not all seat are created equal…

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For example if you are near the exit you will have more leg room but you could be possibly colder. On planes the exit doors will sometimes get a draft from the cold outside during flying.

Depending on the aircraft you are in, in business class you might be seated close to the bathroom which could become bothersome. Also if you are seated in the back row of business class you might be able to hear the bassinet row (where babies are allowed) which is usually right behind the business section.

The mid section of the plane has a bad window view… usually facing a wing.

Never sit in the back row of a plane as you can never recline your chair. If you love legroom than always try to take the first row of any class or near the exits but if you do than you risk not having a window to look at of or being next to children. If you do not want to be bothered on a flight than try to avoid booking a flight near the galley ways or near the bathrooms. These are were people will constantly be moving to and from!

So anyways, American Airlines said that they will book my JAL airline seats for me but they couldn’t book my Finnair airline seats. Interestingly I never heard airline seats not being assigned on a major airline before. Usually this type of things happen on low budget airlines when booking like Ryanair or Southwest.

So I looked up on Finnair’s website and I have to PAY for getting a seat that I want to get. Something like 10 euros for flights to Finland and 20 euros to Asia!

All airlines handle their seating differently so it’s crucial to make sure if you have an assigned seating after you booked…

I did end up paying for a seat on Finnair because it’s along way to Delhi from New York and I wanted to be comfortable with a view. Plus it was my first time on Finnair to Helsinki so I didn’t want to have a miserable seat. (I ended up never be able to take this flight as my flight was canceled from Cleveland to New York and I missed this flight)!

So the next time you’re booking a flight make sure you know what type of seat you want or what type of seat you were assigned.



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