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While it’s important to be spontaneous, when it comes to travel, planning is essential! However it’s hard to know where to start. So I curated this page to help you plan your travels as well as to prepare while on your travels.

I started with some inspirational travel posts and to show people why travel is so important. I then move on to how to travel posts and pages that will help you book airfare, hotels, etc. as well as show you how to travel better. These are only my most current and top resources. Feel free to dig into my website deeper.

– Look at Travel Resources for help and advice


ShawnVoyage Starters

– I Know I have a Passion for Travel because…

– Should I Leave Everything to Travel?

Steps for a Travel Lifestyle

– What I Know from Traveling for Sure

– What I’ve Learned from Traveling for 20 Years


1. Get Inspired

– 8 Things I Learned while Living in France

– Have a Travel Goal

– Just Travel Already

– The Excuses Not to Travel

– Why We Love Paris


2. Plan your Trips

5 Ideas to Save Money to Travel

Deciding on Where to Travel

How to Travel the World

Planning a Road Trip

Planning the Best Travel Route

Travel Resources


3. Airfare

Airfare Deals and Where to Find Them

Knowing your Airline Alliances

Problems with Airline Seats

Top Resources for Booking a Cheap Flight | 2014

Travel Resources


4. While Traveling

– 15 Bad Travel Spending Habits to Cut

– Eating Healthy while Traveling

– How to Travel Mentally Tough

– Travel Guides


5. Where to Stay

– Backpacking is NOT Glamorous

– Ideas for Where to Stay when Traveling (besides a Hotel)

– Staying in Hostels

– Travel Budget | A Mini-Guide


6. Weekend Travel

– Best Beach Weekend Getaways – 2015

– My Weekend in New York City

– 10 Unique Gay Weekend Getaways

– Weekend in Chicago – Stay, Eat, Do


7. Style while on the Road

– How to Look Stylish while Backpacking

– International Carry-On

– Stylish Mens Boots for Traveling | 2015

What to Wear in


8. Travel Smarter

– Guide to Buying Cheap European Train Tickets

– Seasonal Travel – Benefits and Tips

– Why Off the Beaten Path isn’t Always the Best

How to get Free Southwest Drink Coupons


9. Mindful/Advice Travel

– How to Not Give a F^!* when Traveling

– How to Travel with an Open Mind

– Why you should Eat Local Food while Traveling

Travel with Fear but… Only a Little


10. Cruise Travel

7 Best Caribbean Cruises 2015

– Extra Costs of a Cruise

– What to Wear on a Cruise


11. Gay Travel

– Lying about being Gay to Travel

– Rating Gay Friendly Countries Part 1 and Part 2

– The New Gay Traveler

– The Top “GayCities” in the World

– What it’s Like to be Gay and Travel

– Why Traveling as a Gay Couple is Awkward



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