Longitude Project – Status Update

Over on my Voyageography page, I’m slowly working on a Longitude Project where I pick one longitudinal line and highlight the countries the line passes through, languages, people, etc. This project is fun but it’s also very slow going and given that there are 360 degrees to work on; this could take a while. So I’m thinking of ways to cut down on the time it takes to produce one of these pages and whether some information is necessary.


I mostly like the design I’ve created. It’s pretty easy to navigate and to understand so I think I’ll only make minor changes to this. I think sometimes it appears clunky so perhaps I can make it even easier to use.


Now I wanted to include as much information but I didn’t want the pages to become just a wall of text. I’m starting to see that this maybe is where the pages are heading. What I really wanted is to add interesting Geography and Travel information. I wanted to have content so people learn about geography and to get excited to travel there. So I’ll probably take out some information as well as add a “Travel” section to get a better sense of  how to get to these places.


Frankly the project takes up too much of my time right now and for little reward. It takes so long to produce a page that I won’t get this project completed until many, many years from now. So I have to stop or think of a way to make this more exciting with more interaction. I love the way it looks but it’s also very wordy, and is hard to physically make. I would like to combine making it fun for myself and the audience.

So in the meanwhile you probably won’t see a new page for a bit and the next page may look vastly different. At this rate it’s going to take a while to finish unless I hire outside help or change the concept completely, so I’ll see what options I should take.

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