Launching a New ShawnVoyage

It’s been a year and I’m ready to create something new for this website. So after a year of thinking about what I could do and what my place is in travel… it’s still not blogging. I don’t want to go back stressing over writing 2 or 3 articles every week. I still have things to say and write about however I will only write something now and then.

I’ve decided to create a business through this website. I want to sell some products I have found, that I love and think would be useful to any world traveler. I want to experiment with ideas that I wanted to do all along but haven’t pursued. Geography, maps, and travel is also something I have an interest in yet don’t know exactly where to start.

Also since this a brand new start I’m changing the website. The old archived blog posts will be here and I’m starting with new categories. The older blog posts will remain!

What products to sale?

As of recently I have narrowed it down to three products I would like to sale. These are products that I would personally love to have on any travels I go on. I recently bought a backpack that I absolutely love and it was inexpensive as well as durable. That’s the kind of products I would like to sale.

On top of that I would like to make my own creations but this will obviously take time and money. So I don’t expect anything to move quickly on this aspect but that is one of my goals.


Part of the goal of anybody who wants to create something is to have an idea. A spark, something that is inspiring. For me, now, it’s thinking about efficiency. I recently traveled to Turks & Caicos, which is a beautiful country that is well worth the huge price tag, and saw the level of efficiency compared to the United States. In basic, it lacks and perhaps that is okay but for the average world traveler today, that just won’t cut it. Time is money and I want myself and others to spend less time-wasting on things that are just not efficient. Examples include waiting a long time for food, waiting a long time to check in, waiting at an airport, etc.

Now you may be thinking, but “we can’t always be efficient!” and I think this is true. I don’t want every aspect of my life scheduled so efficiently where I’m thinking about how to squeeze something else productive to do. That’s the wrong way to live and not what I advocate. All I’m saying is the best efficiency is during the times we don’t even notice it. It’s seamless and make traveling that much better. I’m working towards that idea.

Map goals?

One aspect of my life that I’ve always loved is maps. I want to create something around maps, geography and travel but I don’t know exactly what that is or what that would look like. So all I can do now is inspire myself to create, write and think.

Check out the one post I have done on studying Martinique and it’s geography. However this type of article is still a work in progress.


To be honest they are low and I’m okay with that. If something doesn’t work out I keep pushing, creating and thinking about new ideas. I started ShawnVoyage 3 years ago and I actually consider this website I success. I get viewers and commentators and people contacting me. Keep them coming, I appreciate it. Also if you’re looking to work with me, I’d be open to that but advertising on my website is not really my thing. I’ve tried it and didn’t like it. I would like to try something else.





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