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Lately I’ve had this strange feeling come over me. I’ve always wanted to travel and travel often; it’s the basis of my website! But like much of my peers, I also hold a full-time job, in Chicago, so I can pay for my travels (although I’m working to change that one day). And I also feel I have responsibilities to hold up.

But really this “responsibility” idea is not true. It exists just as that, an idea. It exists only in thought and is only a reality because of the way I think. So it would seem to me that my thinking needs to change. Is that possible?

I’m not going to get into the long answer but in short we can choose our thoughts every day just like we choose what to wear everyday. That is a power we can cultivate. In short, I’m simply making excuses to NOT travel. I’m making up reasons why I couldn’t leave and go wherever I want. This is a fundamental problem for most people reading this. They feel stuck and suckered into their own life. People feel committed to their friends, family, work, etc but few take time to pursue their own crazy dreams.

The fact is that you do have a choice. You could choose to follow through with an ordinary life and not follow those crazy dreams or not. If you choose to not follow through, eventually you will never travel or change your life and your dreams and goals will pass you by. It has to stop.


Simply Just Travel Already

And this is what I told myself. Yesterday, I decided that it’s time to just book the tickets if I want to go to Texas (to see my family), rent that car to travel cross-country and travel to new places. It’s time to discover the world. In reality, the only way to get things done is to just do and not worry about the what ifs and the consequences. Usually the consequences in my head consists of: someone will disapprove of what I’m doing… I shouldn’t be doing this… I’m wasting money…. etc.

So what! So what to all of it! There are times when I forget, that this is my life and I’m allowed to lead it however I like. This is always important to remember but sometimes life happens and we forget that we can fashion our own lives to our liking. Others might not agree with your choices but if they love you, they should support you.

Now I’ve decided to start planning my goals out. Something I can measure and accomplish; start small and grow. I have the need and I feel obliged to take action and do the traveling that I want to do. And then I thought of this idea! Currently I’ve been to 36 countries yet I’ve only been to 20 US states! I’ve pushed myself this year, to travel internationally so I can get another country on the completed list but this is simply not a great way to travel. My goal is to travel the entire world and go to every country but I still want to travel gracefully and not rush. What would be the point?! So traveling the world is the ultimate goal, but for now, the smaller goal, the more achievable goal for this part of my life, is to focus on traveling to every US states along with some international travel. I haven’t even been to our own capital yet!

And this is how I will continue to operate life decisions. Have a plan and follow through. And I invite you to have a plan. Maybe you don’t want to travel the world but if you’re reading this, I’m sure you want to travel somewhere. How and when are you going to do it? What is holding you back? Is this an excuse you made up in your mind or could you actually find a way to do it?

We have to fight for what we want because ultimately it will be worth it. And this is how I’m going to approach my travels. I’m going to fight for it because I believe in it and I want it. I’m going to respect the responsibilities I have with my life in Chicago and to my friends and family but I’m also going to pursue something that has always interested me. This is my passion so it’s time to truly start.


How Do I Start?

Buy a ticket. Rent a car. Just do something and go! The only way to travel is to just do. I have all the resources and I’ve learned a lot over the year. My first goal is to travel all 51 states with some international travel in between. My goal is also to sale great travel products, products that can help anybody who wants to pursue the traveling dream. My dream is to make traveling easier for everybody and for, especially my fellow Americans, grow as people because of their travels. There is much to learn!

The important lesson is that you have to start with whatever is working with you at the moment. I have been to nearly half of the states in the US yet still I haven’t been to most of the states around Illinois, the state I live in. I work a full-time job, at the moment, so traveling full-time is not an option but I want to take a step in the right direction to change that. I need to start small and grow into that dream instead of jumping into something to big to handle.


Is this Ridiculous?

Yeah, maybe!? Who cares? It’s a goal that is measurable and it’s something I want to pursue as a traveler. It’s do-able and I need to take every advantage I get. Some people will really back you on your ideas and some won’t get it at all. Simply respect other people’s opinions but politely tell them this is your goal and they should try to understand and respect that.


It’s Already Starting!

I’m leaving for Indiana and Michigan tomorrow and in July I’m off to Alaska. This already hands me 3 states to check off (although this goal is a check off list I still want to enjoy my travels). How long am I giving myself to finish this goal? I’m going to give myself an entire year. So I want to be finished with my goal by July 1st, 2014. And then it will be on to the next goal. The entire world. I believe I can finished within a year and I can still lead a somewhat normal life.


So What Are your Goals?

I hope by my actions I could lead someone to want to travel or pursue the passion they want to do. I’m not ready to quit my job (just yet) and travel full-time, but that moment is growing nearer with every decision I make. There is a start to everything and this is my first big goal! So lets see what happens…




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