How to Stay Balanced while Traveling

Do you know the word balanced? Do you really know? For me, it means that you have a handle on all aspects in your life, enjoy every moment, can be yourself and don’t feel that your heart or mind are being pulled too hard in any direction. You feel grounded and motivated to take on the world.

I would try to be balanced anywhere I went. Then I would somehow get unbalanced and feel terrible about myself. Years later I learned that this wasn’t really authentic and to stay balanced in travel I needed to go inwards. I needed to center myself and to stay peaceful which is something that no one can act or seem to be. You just have to do.

How to Stay Balanced while Traveling?

How to Stay Balanced while Traveling - Man balancing

But how are we all suppose to say balanced? I wanted to know so I did some research and used my intuition with I’ve experienced while traveling. Some of these below are basic while some require practice to achieve. All are essential to feeling balanced in your mind and throughout your body while you travel.

1. Eat well

This may seem obvious to some but to stay balanced you must feel balanced. The only way to feel good about traveling is if you eat properly and eat well. Nobody can feel centered and balance while on an empty stomach so it’s a good idea to pick foods that are healthy, like greens, that will offer great nutrition and keep you feeling balanced all day.

2. Drink water

This more or less goes with eating well but most people don’t drink enough water and feel uncentered, dizzy and severely dehydrated. This happens all the time to me and I actually forget to drink water, fueling the problem even more. You want to avoid drinks like alcohol and caffeine while flying and strictly stick with water since it’s the healthiest and best drink for you. It’s vital to life, helping you feel balanced.

3. Sleep well

Out of these first three this is probably the hardest for people to routinely do while they travel. I get it, you’re jet lagged, you’re busy touring, you want to see everything and you want to immerse yourself. There is a time to admit that not everything can be done and you need to sleep to feel like yourself again. To feel balanced. Take time to sleep and try not to run yourself to hard.

4. Establish a routine

Have a routine that makes sense, is efficient and is the least complicated. Because the last thing you want to worry about when traveling is where a specific piece of clothing is in your luggage, or taking too much time out of your day to get ready, neglecting precious time you could be exploring. Have a routine and cut down on what you bring to immerse yourself into your travels.

5. Meditate/Workout

Do at least one of these while you travel. Meditation keeps you calm, focused, and your mind feeling recharged. Working out, whether that is yoga, lifting, or just stretches, keeps your body physically okay and helps better prepare for the wears and tears that the travel road can bring. These are obvious essentials to maintaining balance while traveling.

6. Cope with emotions

This is a tougher one and to admit to ourselves when we can’t overcome our emotions. However it’s essential to be aware of your emotions, aware of your thinking patterns and aware of your surroundings while on your travels. Too emotional and then it’s easy to fall out of balance and become irrational. Too blasé then it’s easy to not care about anything around you and that’s just as bad. Take control and focus.

7. Have a mistake? Don’t beat yourself up

We all make stupid errors in daily life and while traveling. I’ve made several and use to worry over it for sometimes days. There is not use for worrying so don’t get caught up in it. Quickly come back to the reality, deal with your emotions, stay focused, fix the problem if you can or accept the problem if you can’t. Learn from them, let go, move on and come back to a balanced life.

8. Get out of the routine

Losing some balance is part of a balanced life. I know that sounds funny but think about it for a minute, it’s true. In other words, do something that you wouldn’t normally do. Try things that make you curious and discover a different part of yourself. Travel in itself is a great way to do that and it’s easy to be complete with ourselves when we are experimenting, out of our element and happy.

9. Open-mindedness

Most travelers are already open-minded, or so they think? But it’s also true that we still hold deep prejudices or judgment about a lot of things that sometimes we are unaware of. All I can say on this one is to be aware of the negative thoughts every-time they come up. You don’t have to always stop them but just be aware of them. Then you can own up to your judgment, hopefully stop them in time, and become a more open-minded traveler.

10. Stay in the present

And finally my favorite advice to stay balanced is to stay present. When we focus on the present instead of past or future events, there is a sudden transformation to ease, more aliveness and a better travel experience rather then constant stress and worry that tends to happen. This one takes a lot of work and it’s hard to do but with practice, patience and time, staying in the present has the potential to reap the most rewards. It could literally change the way you view your life, yourself and your travels.




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