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So I have an update. I’m finally in the beginning stages of working on a new project. I’m working on a new e-book designed to give the essentials on using and obtaining frequent flyer miles (it’s finished and can be found under eBook).

Would you like to travel the world while avoiding the buying an airline ticket!? My eBook unveils the new travel hacker lifestyle where people are obtaining thousands of free miles that literally take them across the globe. And they do it without ever buying an airline ticket (usually the only thing you pay is the taxes for flying out of airports).

Frequent flyer miles were the reason I got to travel around the world on my last trip and there are many ways that these miles can be obtained and used. Understandably using frequent flyer miles are frustrating and very confusing (trust me airlines don’t make it easy for you to use). But I’m going to show you how to get them and how to properly use them so you can buy flights for little money.

I’m laying it all for you!

In case you’re reading this and have no idea what frequent flyer miles are here is the basics. Frequent flyer miles are miles that are earned every time you fly on an airline. Say you wanted to get away to an amazing vacation or just needed to book a flight anywhere but didn’t want to spend a 1,000 dollars on airline tickets. Well if you were able to save up a certain amount of frequent flyer miles then you could use the points to book a flight to any destination that that airline or its alliance serve.

How do you get those miles? That is what my e-book is mostly about! There are some right ways and wrong ways in getting miles.

How do you use the miles? There are right ways and wrong ways in using those miles. I’m here to guide you through that process because it can be very confusing.

When should I use the miles? Certain times of the year are definitely better than others so learn the ins and outs and when are the best times to book your flights

In the past frequent flyer miles were earned every-time you flew with a certain airline. It was meant to be a loyalty program so you kept coming back to the airline. But now there is a new way to use these miles and new ways to get them. Sometimes you don’t have to spend a penny on getting 80,000 free miles (that is enough free miles to get you to Asia and back). That is what my e-book is going to teach you.

And sometimes you run into problems using your miles! No problem! I will teach you the ins and out and the dos and don’ts. And if you have more questions feel free to message me!

I’m going into each problem with frequent flyer programs and solving them. Sometimes using frequent flyer miles can be very frustrating but with my help and persistence you will be flying around the world for next to nothing!

I get most of my information from the knowledge I have picked up personally but I also got a little help from people who are very knowledgeable when it comes to accruing frequent flyer miles! So stay tuned and I will let you know more about this e-book the closer it comes to publishing!

update: eBook is for sale for $5 dollars




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