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When I talk about my dreams and ideals to somebody I tense up. To me, my travel goals seem perfectly normal but when I start describing them to someone else I can see that look on their face. It’s the look of intrigue, curiosity and somewhat of a “hmmm that’s odd.” And then sometimes people think it’s a great idea, although that’s rare. And some even say they wish they could do something like that but that they never will.

And that’s what surprises me the most. I love to travel and my passion is 100% in it but that doesn’t mean what I’m doing is completely from left field. I simply have an appreciation for going to new places, whether that is New York City or South Dakota. I can have fun while in the middle of nowhere on a road trip. We all have our “uncommon” dreams and goals.

What you should do and what you need is to have a travel goal. An idea in your head or a dream to do or go anywhere in the world. Because when you set a goal or an idea in your mind, you’re more likely to achieve the goal. And make your goal/idea public. Tell everybody about it no matter what kind of look they give you.

This is what I did with my current goal.

I really wanted to have a travel project that I could call my own. And then I started to think about an idea that could be achievable. And so it struck me that I haven’t even traveled to my own nations capital yet I’ve been to many other countries own nations capital. So why not start small and then work my way up. I still want to travel international as well but for the next few years I will focus much of my travels within the States.

Have a Travel Goal - Landing in Chicago from Seattle


What’s your travel goal?

It’s time to get creative and work up to a goal. Is there a place you really want to see but don’t have the money? Create a budget and a realistic goal so you can achieve it. Make your actions publicly known so you get the goal in motion. Set money aside each month and work up to buy a plane ticket. After you buy a plane ticket the date is set and it’s harder to back out.

Maybe your travel goal is to travel for many months around the world. Plan a budget so you can save or find work while you travel. Those are really the best two options. Many people make a living out of traveling but this is not always realistic until you’re established and you’ve traveled for years. Have enough money so you have enough for the basics and so you can actually do activities on your travels.


No Dream is Ridiculous

Many people will tell you that your travel goals are dumb or maybe won’t tell you directly but will give you hints. It’s not ridiculous! It’s definitely not the norm for someone to travel to all 50 states but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea. Many people won’t understand what they perceive is wasting time and money for “nothing” but that isn’t true. If it’s your own adventure and you grew, learned, had fun, etc. then it wasn’t a waste. I believe one of the hardest hurdles for having a “crazy” travel goal is getting people to understand your goal. But I’ve learned that it isn’t your job to convince people. Why should it? While they sit and call you crazy you’re going on an adventure that nobody else can claim but you.


Why Travel?

Because your perspective changes. You view the world a bit differently every time you experience somewhere new. People who travel learn from the world and about themselves through it. No destination is ridiculous if you’re growing in the process. It’s even better if you’re able to connect with a culture or people. This is what makes travel so exciting and lively.


Lets review

Creating a travel goal will push you to travel.

Set a goal on where you want to go and budget. Anywhere is possible with the right amount of money.

And no dream is ridiculous. Just because people don’t understand your goals it doesn’t mean they are right or wrong. Just go do it.




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