Exploring the Map through Longitude and Latitude

I have a new idea! I was walking through a park where I live in Chicago, and an idea just popped in my head. Is there a way to explore the world through longitude and latitude and make it interesting? As a geography major, exploring the map through longitude has been particularly interesting because of the diverse landscapes that could exist on just one degree of longitude. And nobody else has really done it!

My idea consists of taking certain degrees on a map and thoroughly exploring that line all the way through; from right to left and or up and down. I’ll go through a hypothetical. Take longitude 45 degrees east aka 45th meridian east. I don’t even know what’s there but I’ll take that line and explore the geography, cities, landscapes, culture, etc all on that line.

For me, this is a good way to understand where cities and landscapes are on the map. I know we have all put places in our head geographically way off simply because we haven’t really studied the map. I’m excited to know more about the world map through longitude and latitude and how it changes throughout the line.

I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to organize all of this. Perhaps one post for one degree? Although I can foresee that some posts would be quite long. However I think it would be better to have all the information one page! Perhaps I’ll do one degree of longitude and one degree of latitude or do a total of 360 lines. 180 for latitude and 180 for longitude.

To keep it interesting I think I’ll start with one degree and then do the opposite of that degree from the opposite side of the world. So do the 45th meridian east’s opposite meridian is 135th meridian west after. With latitude I think maybe one near the equator and one near the poles. This keeps it interesting for the reader and for myself.

So look for new posts under Voyageography! I plan to start my research and posting soon! I may call this series 360 degrees under Voyageography.




images by: google earth

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