The Best Road Trip Hacks I’ve Learned

My boyfriend and I love road trips. But like anything, there are better ways to road trip through travel hacking and I wanted to learn what they were. Through research and discovery, I’ve compiled the best road trip hacks I’ve learned. These are useful and great reminders to make a road trip that much more enjoyable.

Use RoadTrippers

Before I leave for any road-trip I look at RoadTrippers. Sometimes there are interesting things just out of sight and off the road and roadtrippers makes sure you find them all. You can set the buffer from the road and it will display all restaurants, sights, events, gas stations and things to do for a better road-trip experience.

The Best Road Trip Hacks I've Learned - RoadTripper

Exit Sign Tip

Exits signs actually give hints on what side of the road the exit will be. It’s true today that most signs will tell you what side of the road to exit from but also know that if an exit sign is located on the right or left hand side just above a major sign, that’s the side the exit is on.

The Best Road Trip Hacks I've Learned - Exit Sign Tip

Use your Smartphone Screenshot

I can’t tell you how many times my iPhone has come in handy when I’m traveling to places with low cell phone service or no service. I take screenshots of the Google Maps App of the route and directions; just to be sure I have a backup. Also you can go into Google Maps App and save a map for offline by following these directions.

The Best Road Trip Hacks I've Learned - Smartphone Google Maps

Inflatable Jack

I admittedly don’t know how to change a tire and probably should learn. I rent cars when I road-trip and expect that someone would help if I’d ever have tire problems but finding help isn’t always straight-forward or easy. Knowing how to change a tire and bringing an inflatable jack could be a time/cost saver. Inflatable jacks like below are sold on sites like Amazon.

The Best Road Trip Hacks I've Learned - Inflatable Jack

Extra Charger at Hotels

If you forgot, lost or need an extra USB port, most TVs will be able to handle a USB which means you can charge your iPhone, camera, GoPro etc. Most TVs are modern enough for this feature and it comes in handy when there are enough plugs or your charger is lost.

The Best Road Trip Hacks I've Learned - Hotel USB charger

Using Shoe Organizers

I’ve never done this but I love the idea or something similar. Basically use shoe organizers, which you can buy at stores like Container Store, put them on the back of your seat, and have an instant car organizer. It is surprising how many times I lose valuable things in cars.

The Best Road Trip Hacks I've Learned - Shoe car organizer

Download Apps

Let’s face it, eventually road-trips can be quite monotonous and you’ll need some apps to keep you entertained. My recommendations would be car riding games Road-Trip Scavenger Hunt, Family Car Games, Fun Blast Trivia, Storylines, and Mad Libs. Also for cost saving apps try Gas Guru, Gas Buddy, and Venmo. Find these on iTunes or Android.

The Best Road Trip Hacks I've Learned - Gas Guru App

Rental Car USB Chargers

Whenever I go on a road-trip I never forget to ask if the car comes with a USB charger or at the very least an adapter. With my camera, phone, GoPro and other devices, this is nearly essential as I can charge during the long road-trip and still listen to my music. With a charger adapter it’s possible to charge many items. The back up option is bringing an old school adapter.

The Best Road Trip Hacks I've Learned - Car USB jack


Local Numbers at Hand

While planning your route it may be a good idea to write down or save a local auto shop number in-case you’d ever need it. So instead of trying to find a place while on the road, you’ll be ready. Know the distances and how far you’re away from help Obviously also be familiar with local emergency numbers.

The Best Road Trip Hacks I've Learned - Phone numbers


Also bring the obvious emergency kits and the surviving essential like extra food and water. This isn’t really a hack but most people forget that having this extras could save your life!




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