Attitude is Everything when you Travel

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Attitude is everything when you travel. I meet people who constantly complain. They complain because their flight is not on time. They complain about their hotels. They complain about a how ugly and dirty a city is. They basically complain to complain. And I always find it quite sad. How can people complain over things that won’t matter a week from then!? Why cause more stress for themselves mentally and not just let things be? There is excitement when you experience things as they happen instead of trying to change them.

It is necessary to understand that letting things happen instead of complaining could be one of the best kept travel secrets. When you let things be and when you have a positive attitude your whole traveling experience changes. Suddenly traveling seems much easier and you’re much more flexible. You’re able to look at any difficult event without judgement and without fear. You are at your best at this state. Suddenly traveling is exciting, culture is more interesting, even flying on an airplane is more entertaining. Your mind is clear and you don’t react poorly to anything uncomfortable. You can just exist in your travels and that is the absolute best way to see the world.


Why People Complain in the First Place

The main reason we complain is that we have expectations before we even travel. We expect our hotel to have a certain standard. We except a city to be a certain way. We even expect people to behave how we want them. But what we fail to understand is that the world is hardly close to our expectations. Every time I’ve traveled I’ve been usually shocked from what I’ve found. Sometimes for the worse and sometimes for the better. I think traveling without any expectations is the proper way to approach your travels. No one can expect a flight to always be on time. You can expect people to behave the way you want them to. Having any expectations will already set you up for failure because most of the time what you expect will not be what you get (and this is a good thing).

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Also a lot of people have bad attitudes when they travel. They feel like everything is owed to them. This is the wrong way to approach traveling. Expect nothing from other people (read below). Go in understanding that not everything will go your way… But why would you want that anyways!? I have found that some of my best travels have been when I was least expecting them. I have found that I’ve enjoyed my travels more. I’ve enjoyed the surprises that exist just around the corner… that exist in people and in cities.


Drop the Expectations

Dropping the expectation will set you free. You are free to be the observer and not the person who is judging or expecting something to be what it clearly is not. You’re ready to take in all that happens to you and you’re not as quick to judge a situation. What you find is that you can look at a situation and think logically about it. Your past feelings about a certain culture or about a certain place won’t even be a factor in your mind. You are free to experience what is actually happening at that exact moment. And that’s important to remember since that is the only reality that needs to be experienced.

Sit back and ask why are you complaining. Why do you feel you go cheated? What have you learned from the situation? Does this still effect all of your travels? Did you still seem some fun in any of the situation? Were you able to rise above the complaints?

Next time you travel try this. Instead of quickly reacting to an uncomfortable situation, take a conscious look at the situation. Did whatever happen really harm your travels? Can you fix it? If you can’t is there even a reason to complain? What can you do to make the situation better? Is your mind approaching it positive or negative? Answer honestly and by consciously reviewing how you react you begin to lose a negative attitude. You think clearly and react positively.


Attitude is Everything

What determines a bad trip from a good trip is simply your attitude. Your mind has the choice to choose the thoughts it wants. If you want to think poorly then you travels will be poor. If you want to think positively…. then you travels will be positive. I’ve read many review boards on hotels who constantly complain about the hotel, the price, food or even the destination. I don’t like this attitude. Why even have it? You’re hotel is only a minuscule part that can be handled with relative ease. IT SHOULDN’T DEFINE YOUR TRIP! Enjoy the destination and take everything in. Good and bad. Don’t let a less than ideal situation be the defining point of your entire trip. Let it go.

Ask this: What is complaining going to get you? Did it make your travels more stressed? Did it make you any happier? No place is the same and that’s the way it should be! And there wouldn’t be much excitement in your travels if everything went perfectly.

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I have found that people love to exaggerate when they travel. The culture, the food, the hotels, etc… It seems to never end. STOP! Don’t be one of these people. Allow yourself to experience new places without quickly saying no or complaining. Do rather than think of excuse of why not to. You will find that most of your thoughts that are uncomfortable are actually only existing in your head. Drop the judgments and the complaints. Allow shitty things to happen to you. Learn to be comfortable with awkwardness… These moments will pass and you will soon even forget why you were in such a sour mood in the first place. Attitude will improve. You will approach your travels with a comfortable and confident attitude… nothing can ruin you now.

Simply by saying your having a bad time your mind will believe you’re actually having a bad time. You’re mind has the power to create any thought and any mood… good or bad. It’s important to remember that we can plan our travels down to the tee but rarely will your travels go according to plan. Remember this! It’s important to realize that things can and often change quickly. People who accept their situations and look past it are happier on their trips. They realize that not everything can be controlled. Not everything can be to your liking. You WILL run into several less than ideal situations but you come out a better traveler, learn something new and you have a story to tell. I’ve learned to accept any situation I’m in with a positive attitude and swiftly do what is necessary to get out of an awkward situation.


It’s Never What it Seems

Travel is never what it seems. And this is a good thing! You wouldn’t want all of your travels to go exactly as planned. Let go of expecting things to be how you pictured them in your head. That is simply an illusion. In the end you might experience something even better or more powerful than could have imagined before. And if it turns out to be crappy… you will have gain experienced and will have a great story to tell.

Something in your travels will throw you off guard and you will be in awkward situations. I guarantee it. It’s how you react with your attitude towards these events that will define you travels. It will decide whether you will have a great time or a crappy time. Choose your thoughts and you choose how your travels will go. You will be surprised  that a positive attitude is everything and not does it have the ability to change your travels but also to change how you react, think and feel in your daily life.




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