Back of the Forbidden City
Back of the Forbidden City

Always Have a Plan B when Traveling

One of the strange things about traveling is that most of the time nothing ever works as you planned! So when I take off to the airport and travel I have several backup plans for a just in case. I advocate that you should always have a Plan B when traveling. A backup plan that you could use, so you could immediately take action with whatever situation you’re in. A great Plan B plan would cover multiple aspects of your trip like the hotel, rental car, excursions you plan to take, sites you’re going to see, etc… Have a backup plan for everything and you can save time and grief.

Backup Plan B (or maybe C, D, E, F)

Before your begin your travels think about what you want to be doing and seeing. What if the line is long at the Vatican? Do you want to waste your time standing in line or should you go see something else and then come back? Knowing this information would be critical for your travels. It saves you your time and grief and could literally save the whole mood of the trip. So what do I advocate to do?

Research, Research, Research!

Prayer Flags Nepal Always Have a Plan B when Traveling

It’s foggy in the Himalayas causing constant delays at the airport. It’s a great idea to have patience and have other plans for your travels.

It’s essential to research before you travel. People have this romantic idea of being spontaneous in a city and doing whatever they like… only schedule doing that for a day or two. Otherwise if there are sites you want to see, you’re going to need to know how, when and where to see them. So find a map, find some forums online, etc. and do your research. Have a backup plan incase you run into problems. What if the museum you wanted to go to is closed that day and you didn’t realize it? What if the bus you need to take from the beach and back isn’t running?

The idea here, is that you can’t predict what will happen;  you need to have another backup plan(s) that could get you out of a mess. Sometimes events are unpredictable and nothing can be done. But if you plan you will start formulating ideas that could get you out of a sticky situation.

(ps it also helps to know the language in whatever country you’re in)

Remember though, not all advice you receive online is legitimate or correct. Places change all the time, especially in countries where change seems a constant. Sometimes you can’t rely on forums that exist a month ago (like in the case of Tibet). Traveling to these parts of the world are tough and what happens if you had planned to go to Tibet but now you can’t get in? (this happened to me). You ask people who have done the trek before and people who actually live around the region you will be traveling. You ask travel experts what they know and have experienced and then make a decision from there. This is how I have always formulated my travels and it has always worked for me.

Where to Find great Advice?

I have stumbled upon some awesome travel website in the past year. I found them by typing in phrases to google like “100 Best Travel Websites.” etc. Or I’ve gone on websites like “stumbleupon” and I’ve literally stumbled upon great travel websites. I also get information from some more conventional websites like lonely planet but I try not to limit myself with just one website. Many people have different opinions and I really want to see what the true census is wherever I’m going.

Pingyao 225x300 Always Have a Plan B when Traveling

It always helps to know some of the language…..

Here are some websites to start with:

Nomadic Matt

BootsNAll Travel

The Longest Way Home

The Art of Nonconformity

Uncornered Market

List goes on. Here is 150 travel websites to start out with:

What if I Make a Mistake Still?

So you made a mistake even if you had the backup plan! Honestly this is bound to happen occasionally and nothing can be done. But because you have the backup plans you know more information than you would have otherwise, and the mistake won’t be as costly as not knowing any information at all. Simply you are still better equipped to make decisions and take action. Don’t fret over making a mistake. We all do. But the more you travel the more you realize how great having plan b’s are and having great knowledge about wherever you’re visiting.

Ask For Help?

Need some help… I’m here! I’m more than willing to give some advice and help people out. Check out my Travel Resource page or my Travel Guides page or my Blog. Or contact me directly through this website, Facebook, or Twitter account!



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